The Safest, Strongest, Smallest, Lightest, Easiest To Use Fire Escape Ladder.™

The X-IT Emergency Escape Ladder is best because it does what other's can't:

Emergency Fire Escape Ladder and bag
  1. Fits all window widths and wall thicknesses.
  2. Fox News independently tested emergency ladders and recommended X-IT as the best.
  3. X-IT exceeds ASTM safety standards for portable and permanent emergency escape ladders.
  4. Is reusable for safe practice.
  5. Comes in longer lengths to get you safely to the ground.
  6. Is guaranteed; use your X-IT Ladder in a documented emergency and X-IT will replace it free of charge.
  7. IDSA and the New York Museum of Modern Art have recognized the X-IT ladder.

Chain, rope, and plastic escape ladders do not meet safety standards.
The world's top fire Companies try to copy the original X-IT Ladder, but fall short.