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We love our X-IT ladders! – Brad C.

Just wanted to let you know i saw the video on your site and even if kidde gave me a ladder for free i would still buy from you.  Good luck and all the best.  Ronny A.

We received the product. We tried it out — nice design that works great! Thanks for answering all my questions and getting the product to us quickly. – Cheers. Dale

Karen W. – Wrote this review – I purchased a four story escape ladder from X-IT last month after much research. I called the available phone number with some questions and was able to speak directly to the inventor.. He answered my questions, was patient and helpful and offered excellent customer service. I didn’t even have to send any money for the product until I had received the ladder and tested it in my home. This ladder was durable, well made, compact, versatile, multi use, and user friendly. They really thought of everything….I did try it out, loved it and ordered three more for my grown children….I would highly recommend this ladder to anyone…THANKS ALDO.

Hope we never have to use! But glad we purchased. After shopping X-IT is best. – Jack H.

I have to say I am more then pleased with this product. I am very grateful to Aldo who took the time to send me information about having the product sent over seas to Germany. Not only is the ladder easy to use, compact, secure, with easy to read instructions, it is also easy to put back in it’s case (which means we can do safety drills with it), but having someone on the other end who cares was a double blessing. I feel much more secure knowing that we have this ladder in case of an emergency. I have already recommended this to all of my friends and family. Thanks again, Rebecca. Otterbach, Germany

Never seen other products like it. – Rich N.

We have an old 2 story house and therefore need a 3 story ladder. I researched all of the newer ladders after I tried to show the kids how to use the old metal rung and chain ladder that I had which was heavy and tangled and would have been very difficult to deploy in an emergency. I chose the X-IT because of the many reviews that rate it #1 of all the ladders out there. It does NOT require installation. Hook it over the sill and release the velcro strap. No tangles. It’s that easy and the ladder in its small yellow carry case is very light. I’m very pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone with a second story. – Emilie C.

These ladders are WAY BETTER than what I expected! The drawings on line show thin little steps and these look more like those on a step ladder. Well Done! – Brad

I purchased your escape ladder because my college age son is living in a converted attic (third floor) in an old house in a college town with no fire escape…I do value the fact that the ladder comes with a storage bag. I also especially value the fact that your ladder can be repacked and used again–it is not a one time only ladder as are all of the other ladders available. I also value the higher safety rating of your ladder compared to its imitators.-Valorie G

Great Product! Thanks for shipping so quick & working with us! Best Of Luck! – Topher R.

Thanks for sending the extension for my ladder. The whole thing fits perfectly in a low wicker basket by my window. My children all appreciated them as gifts and I have told many of my friends about X-It. I hope your family business does well. I would rather patronize a small business than a large corp. so I’m grateful to have found you. Hope you have a safe and happy 2009. – Cheers, Karen W.

Thank you for replying to my email and phone message so quickly! i am very happy to know that you are able to ship so promptly… thanks also for inventing a quality safety product! – Gail P.

We live in a senior citizen apartment building on the third floor. My husband is 84 and I am 61. Periodically, someone burns toast on the first floor and the fire department arrives, but worse could happen, an although there are stairs, who knows? So I was delighted to see your 3 story ladder. It arrived today and looks very study, which was a concern, as we’re older and on the heavy side, but I’m going to keep it by our bedroom window. People here do smoke too, much to our dismay. Thanks…hope we never have to use it..but my husband just said we can take it with us too, to Reno or Tahoe!!!! – Nancy W.

I saw your 2-story ladder and was very impressed. The feature that I needed was that there was no restriction for wall width. The majority of ladders I found on the net (USA, UK and Europe) had restrictions as to the width of wall the unit could be safely used on or had cumbersome solutions for the problem which removed the portability of the ladder. Thanks again, – Alex H.

The two ladders I ordered arrived last week. I took them to our son’s house yesterday. They have their new double hung windows installed now, so this is good. Our son unpacked the two story unit and hung it from the window. Worked great. They plan to have a practice drill this Saturday with the kids. They have a window in the dining room that is close to the ground. Our son was very impressed with the quality of the units. He says that he might have to remove the window to climb out himself, but that is easy now because the new windows tilt in for cleaning and also can pop out of the frame quickly. Maybe this is not the typical Christmas present, but I don’t care. I feel better knowing they will be able to exit the house in an emergency. Thanks , – Gary G.

Just wanted to let you know that we are happy with ladder! It was great to be able to pull it out, hang it from the window opening and test it from the ground to see if it could take our weight etc. I may end up ordering another after I get the chance to test this one in a different style window opening that we have. And thanks for all of the customer service! It’s rare these days and greatly appreciated! – Kelli

Thank you and I look forward to receiving the ladder. If we do have to use it in a documented emergency, I will gladly advise — but honestly, I hope you don’t hear from me! 🙂 It’s really good to know that you will stand behind your product. Thanks again, – Melissa M.

I have been reading about what happened with your competitor and your patent. I will let my seven and eight year old’s try the ladder on a ground floor window and if all goes well I will spread the word about your product around our community. Thanks again Aldo, – Shaun

Thank you for sending the new ladder. It fits perfect!! Send me some e-mail literature and I will forward this on to our neighbors. Thank you for your response, – Robert L.

The three ladders came today. I appreciated the “Our Guiding Values” statement on the boxes the ladders came in. God is indeed Good! – Shaun T.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I’ll follow your suggestions and then I’ll be ordering one of your ladders! Best regards, – Pam

just wanted to let you know that my package arrived recently. did not pick it up until just yesterday, so can’t tell you exactly when i arrived. and thank you for my surprise “bonus gift”. how profoundly useful. best wishes! – Eulalia

We just renovated our home and moved back in a few days ago. We had a plumbing issue today and apparently the plumbers started a small fire in the basement (in the crawl space). The plumbers ran out of the house frantically screaming, “fire, fire” — Karen grabbed one of your fire extinguishers (which I left on our fireplace mantle), ran down to the fire with the electrician — the electrician threw his shirt/jacket on the fire and Karen handed him the fire extinguisher and put it out….…..i have had those fire extinguishers for probably 8 years or so – thanks a lot – they came in handy today in a big way – Greg A.